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Scott Britell Proposal Defense

2014-11-10 12:32:41

Wednesday, November 12th 1:00 pm, FAB 86-01 Scott Britell Advisor: Lois Delcambre Information Integration with Local Radiance Traditionally, the underlying schema of a data-driven application has been hidden from non-technical end-users. Recent years have seen an explosion of web applications based on content management systems (CMS). Using a CMS, non-technical users are able to define custom content types to support their needs. The ability of a CMS to support a multitude of content types allows for endless creation and customization but also leads to a large amount of heterogeneity within a single application. Traditional information integration solves the problem of schema heterogeneity by defining a single global schema that captures the shared semantics of the heterogeneous (local) schemas. However, functionality and queries written against the global schema are only able to access data in the form of the global schema and mappings are complex and require skilled developers to create. Here we propose a system for information integration with local radiance (IILR) that captures both global shared semantics as well as local, beneficial heterogeneity. By mapping to multiple, often small, global schema fragments and remembering these mappings, we create an information integration system that enables polymorphic queries using an extended relational query language. We show how polymorphic widgets can be built from these queries that will incentivize non-technical end-users to perform the schema mapping task. --

Patrick Successfully Defended his Ph.D. Thesis

2014-11-10 12:28:23

Datalab members would like to congratulate Patrick Leyshock for successfully defending his thesis, titled "Optimizing Data Movement in Hybrid Analytic Systems". We also would like to congratulate his adviser, Dr. David Maier.

Dave Maier returns after Microsoft Research visit

2008-03-24 10:00:00

Dave Maier has returned to Datalab after spending a fun quarter at Microsoft Research. Datalabbers won't forget fun experiences using the Virtual Advisor 3000 (with service packs and extensions), or how Dave discovered his office had been reassigned. Welcome back!

Google Summer of Code

2008-03-18 12:00:00

PSU is now an official institution taking part of Summer of Code!

Susan Price successfully defends thesis

2008-03-17 20:40:00

Congratulations to Susan for a spectacular defense! Great job!