The Niagara project is a joint effort between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Portland State University to study mechanisms for effectively querying the Internet. At PSU, we are studying queries over data streams and XML data streams in particular. We have developed NiagaraST, a data stream management system based on the Niagara 1.0 code base from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. NiagaraST uses a novel approach for processing window queries that significantly reduces the amount of buffering required for such queries and which allows processing of disordered data. In addition, we have developed NEXMark, a benchmark for data stream queries and implemented XMLB, a fantasy baseball demo, showcasing our ideas for stream processing.




Source Code

The source code for this project is available upon request. Please contact tufte at


Funding for this work is provided by NSF ITR award IIS0086002, and by DARPA through NAVY/SPAWAR contract no. N66001-99-1-8908.

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